Love Is Not Political

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Let’s face it: Our world has never been perfect, and realistically it never will be. In our very recent history, we were crucifying women with little to no evidence of any wrongdoing under the guise of “witchcraft.” Nations have waged horrendous wars against neighbors and brothers have fought brothers as acts of patriotism.

It is glaringly obvious what the world needs more of, and that is love. Blind, courageous and all-encompassing love and compassion towards our brothers and sisters on planet earth.

But as of late, our society’s collective shift towards love has been compartmentalized and chastised because it has gained political association.

The “love movement” is typically considered a more liberal pursuit, but why?

Why does loving and respecting one another need to have a label?

We freely choose to be kind and understanding every single day regardless of our political beliefs.

It is no secret that politics, especially in the United States, has become an incredibly sensitive and hot-button issue because of wildly differing viewpoints from both “sides.”

Unfortunately, many of those people defending what they believe and standing in integrity with their moral compass have been labeled by harsh words and even harsher actions in some cases.

Loving one another, accepting each other’s differences, and understanding that believing in what is right does not make you “liberal,” “a sensitive snowflake,” or any other barrage of demeaning words.

It simply makes you a conscious and evolved human who respects different lives as their own. Let us grow love like wildflowers and sow the seeds of compassion wherever we go.


What Am I Doing Here?


The idea of starting my own blog has bombarded me since, uhh… well like since I was thirteen or so. About a year into college, I finally realized my special gift of word craft and put my talents to use developing a team of writers that I manage at my university.

But… where does my writing come into play?

I have had wild success during my time at Odyssey and will continue writing and managing there for as long as I see fit, but the other day (during class, sorry mom and dad) the urge to start a blog just blindsided me.

There I sat in my Geology lab class and suddenly the lightbulb exploded over my head.

AH-HA! The Good Place Guru. 

So what does that mean? According to the T.V. show, heaven is “the good place,” but why can’t we make earth the good place too?

That’s what I’m here to do is help you, dear readers, discover your own good place here and everywhere for that matter by sharing my infinite words of wisdom (kind of kidding, kind of not… I’m only 20 so I haven’t amassed that much knowledge) and create the life you’ve always lived of. So happy reading!