Dear Kesha


Throwback to seventh grade when my friends and I would pile in the back of my moms SUV in our mismatched “mixer” clothes, covered head to toe in ill-placed glitter bursting with excitement for the night ahead of dancing to top pop hits ahead of us.

We would plug in someone’s iPod touch, and blare Ke$ha (ke-dollar sign-ha, back then) and scream at the top of our lungs. Kesha was undoubtedly an icon for us adolescent girls ready to get our party on.

To our surprise, Kesha has become an icon for the same group of women so many years later, and for DRASTICALLY different reasons.

It is no secret the trials Kesha has gone through in the past years with her fight against her former producer after she sued for mental and physical abuse. Kesha did not release any new music during this time period and recently came back with her single “Praying,” off of the upcoming album Rainbow. 

And I’m not crying listening to it or anything. Someone’s cutting onions.

I wish I could write a letter to Kesha letting her know just how important her message is and how she is ultimately giving a voice to the voiceless.

She is using her platform to create awareness, spark change, and most importantly share a brave, chilling, and realistic story to women across the world.

I cannot think of a better example of sheer vulnerability and bravery. Kesha has stepped up on an international platform and written music about some of her deepest feelings and I will forever admire the courage it must have taken her to stand out.

Kesha is revolutionary, inspirational, and awe inspiring in my opinion and embodies the true spirit of forgiving and overcoming hardships in life.

I can’t wait to bump Rainbow on the way to work and belt her music in the dark, because it reminds me of the expansiveness of our human experience and how truly connected we all are.


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