On National Girlfriends Day…


For the longest time, I’ve wanted to write an ode to the badass, intelligent, take no sh!t girlfriends of mine.

To my lovely female friends, the ones I’d trust my life with and the women who keep me sane:

You are amazing. Not only are you amazing in my eyes, but I would imagine you are just as amazing in the eyes of every single person you encounter. And I hope that you can see yourself through this lens as well. I hope that you can wake up in the morning and look into the mirror knowing how worthy you are of the BEST life possible.

You are smart. You can accomplish absolutely anything you put your mind to and even if it’s not easy, persist and you will succeed. The world is so privileged to have you shaping its future because you inspire courage, love, and compassion everywhere you go.

You are badass. I’m talking “killed that workout and will do it again tomorrow,” and “I won’t take any crap from ANY dude.” You might get backlash, and you will definitely be called a bitch but just remember that YOU are more important than anyone’s opinions of you.

And last but not least…you are DIVINE. You are perfection in all of its greatest glory and you deserve the world. You are the movers and shakers and you are doing the good that this world so sorely needs. You are the best that the universe has to offer, and I will be forever infinitely grateful for the beautiful relationships I have!




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