Real Love-It’s Out There!


All too often in today’s world, we are praised for becoming cold and calloused to the world. Popular songs feature lyrics about becoming icy-hearted and defensive, especially towards love and more specifically, romantic love.

To be honest, I completely understand where these notions come from. In the game of love, especially inauthentic love, there is heartache, struggle, and problems around every corner. It appears easier to take the walled route where your heart and emotions are guarded and reserved.

And I have taken that path many times. I have built impenetrable layers and barriers in order to keep myself from being repeatedly hurt.

Even after I felt comfortable letting myself put my trust and love in someone completely, I still ended up devastated and wounded. After experiences such as these, anyone in their right mind would refuse to re-open themselves up to anyone else–ever again.

So call me crazy–but I have this inexplicable hope for true and genuine romantic love, despite the pain I have felt. I am a firm believer that in order to truly appreciate the beauty and awe of love and light (all the good in the world, essentially) that you must first and continually experience the not-so-great aspects of life.

Even thought I might be a cliche hopeless romantic, I still have faith and hope that I will meet (or have already met, but he’s hiding out somewhere) the man of my dreams. The knight in shining armor (or knight in shining tin foil) who will undoubtedly be carrying a pizza and a six-pack of craft beer to sweep me off my feet.

To quote my favorite Alice in Wonderland “Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Keep dreaming up the impossible and hoping for a better future–it exists!


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