To The Next Woman


Typically, when you see an article titled like this, it leads to the tale of a sad and heartbroken woman who lost the love of your life. It twists and turns down the long road of her failed relationship and remarks about all the unique quirks of her past significant other. It’s filled with sap and goo and laced with hot tears and sleepless nights.

But this isn’t a story like that. Because f%ck the last guy.

This is an ode to the next woman who doesn’t see her worth and is mentally anguished by self-doubt and guilt. This is for the next woman who chooses to see the good over the bad and ends up pitch-forked and knifed as a result.

This is for the next woman: wake the hell up.

Your independence, your worth, and your mental health are not dependent on anyone. Not a family member. Not a friend. Not a significant other. No one.

You cannot solve the problems that don’t want to be solved. You can lay broken on the floor with your heart shattered across the tile and you can sob until you heave but no amount of raw love, energy, or time can heal the one’s who don’t want to be glued back together.

You can break your fingers trying and you can bleed love from every inch of your soul…

But honey, that love was made for YOU.

That unbridled passion and those bone grippingly intense emotions were made for your soul, for your body, and for your mind.

This is for the next woman who doesn’t understand that if it isn’t a hell yes, its a hell no. This is for the next woman who tosses and turns at night wondering why she wasn’t good enough and what she could have done better.

But the problem is, it wasn’t that you weren’t good enough for someone. It’s that you were too good for them. 

And finally…

For the next woman who finds herself heartbroken day after day by empty promises and crippling addictions, run. Run not from a challenge but away from a curse and into the loving arms of your own self.

To the next woman: you are a goddess, with the blood of unstoppable women before you coursing through your veins. You are a temple, a sacred being of light and love. You are a human being, filled with flaws and shortcomings but perfect nonetheless. You are a badass, and you got this.


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