Surrendering To Your Inner Child


I get it–the title sounds kitschy and quite frankly, overused. How are you supposed to surrender to your inner child? What does that even mean?

Well for starters, let’s do some visualization. It tends to help. Imagine who you were as a child. Imagine the way you acted and reacted to your surroundings. I’d bet money that your life was a lot simpler than it is now.

How did you behave? What was your favorite thing to do? How did you like to dress? What activities did you enjoy, with friends, parents, neighbors, or by yourself?

Who were you before the world told you who to be?

This morning in meditation I imagined myself just like that. I imagined the Madeline I was before I was conditioned and primed for the “real world.” I imagined the child so full of raw emotion and unafraid to show it (my family nicknamed me Drammadica because everything I did was dramatic and over-the-top. I can neither confirm nor deny that the nickname STILL fits me today.) I imagined the little girl who would set out on foot early in the morning and return only for meals before I would head right back outside, barefoot, full of energy and vitality. I imagined the girl creating fantasy worlds with her friends with only rocks and leaves, and the girl creating contraptions to trap lightning bugs when the sun dipped below the horizon.

As adults, we lose touch of who we used to be and we lose it fast. We become burdened first with the mundane routine of school, then we become compacted and forced into the mold of society and what everyone else expects of us. We are bogged down by work, school, bills, and “trying” to live that we completely abandon actually living. We keep waiting for more money, more time, better circumstances, and every other excuse. Our inner children never had a cellphone tied to them at all times, the concept of time or even a calendar. We lived every day fully and without regrets because our only concern as a child was living, and being happy while doing it.

We forget to nurture our wild side and we dismiss the most real version of ourselves—our inner child. The you that you used to be before someone, or everyone, told you to become something else.

So instead of trying to be an adult, and being more “adult-like,” let your inner child run free and reconnect with the part of you that still exists, even if it’s deep inside. Let your soul soar and live in the moment. I promise it’s worth it!




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