The Power of You


You hear it all the time, plastered across social media and billboards alike.

“You can do it!”

Do what? Whatever is within your limiting perspective?

We all are engrained with the belief that we can do it, but who truly believes they can do it?

The answer: not many people.

So often, we limit ourselves with our own minds. After all, believing we can is half the battle won. But we cannot seem to step past the initial boundary and take the leap.

A new venture, whether it be a job, relationship, or any other conceivable idea often seems daunting and not within our reach. But who is telling us that we can’t?

Surely it’s not your loved ones or friends (and if it is them, healthily respect and acknowledge their opinion but understand it is just that, an opinion.)

So who is it?

It’s us. The power of you is enough to accomplish even the wildest of your dreams once you break the barrier between fearing and living. Our iPhones currently have the same amount of technology as the first spacecraft to the moon, so there are no more excuses.

No more “I will later’s”
No more “When I do this, this, or that.”

Stop waiting for the perfect moment or the right opportunity. The time is now.


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